Our mission

it all started with an idea 💡


We started in the summer of 2018 with a problem. The problem was the majority of amateur and recreational tennis players play tennis with the same competitive nature as say a Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal but yet, don’t have even the most basic stats like the pros. We also noticed other athletes such as runners and cyclists were able to get great insight into their performance and yet tennis players we’re being underserved (pun intended). So since then we’ve made it our mission to make every tennis player feel more like a pro.

WeTennis wants to provide the best tennis experience for it’s community. So we work closely with sports brands, retailers and clubs to help them connect and engage with a global tennis community. If you want to join in with us in providing the best tennis experience get in touch.

get in touch 👋


to access our press kit, partner with us or to just ask us a question, drop us an email at info@wetennis.app